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and put the u.s. back into a second recession. obviously we don't like to hear that here in washington because we've got three-quarters of the economy depending on the federal government with subcontractors and the like. >> all right, jess. >> what do we have in the next half hour? >> a beer battle is brewing, if you will. it's going to have a big impact on a bunch of local breweries. we've seen the craft brew scene in the washington area exploding. this has a big area of significance for them. so we'll talk about it. >> cheers. >>> police release more details about what they found at the scene of that alabama child hostage standoff. the story is coming up. >> it's pretty scary, too. plus, the white house confirms the president will be making a major overseas trip. he'll do that next month. >> ahead in sports, the wizards pull themselves out of last place but now washington has another pro team that's the worst in their league. we'll be right back at a:08. >>> just about 5:10 on this wednesday morning. we have a good day now. it's going to be sunny today. maybe breezy at times so the s
commercials were worth all that money. debra alfarone got the ruts of the "u.s.a. today" ad meters. >> reporter: forget the battle of the super bowl. it's the battle of the super model. now that i've got your attention, do you know which 2013 super bowl commercial ended up on top? only one real ranking. "u.s.a. today"'s ad meter. can i please stop standing next to these two? i'll show you this year's best and woreness a minute but first a little history. "u.s.a. today" has been ranging and rating the top super bowl ads for about 25 years. this year thousands rated them online. remember this one? >> we are going to the super bowl. >> reporter: that was the first champ, an ad for american express in 1989. since then these have ranked big. >> humorous ads, entertaining ads, anything that's a little bit over the top or buzz worthy tend to do well. celebrities, animals, babies all do well. >> reporter: will they this year? first the bad. together they're perfect. this one people didn't like. now the top three. number three. >> god made a farmer gln the farmer, an ad for dodge ram. numbe
is developing plans to launch retail stores in several major u.s. cities. >>> and today is a big day for sony. it's expected to unveil the fourth generation of its playstation gaming consul. this is its first new version in seven years. during that time microsoft's xbox 360 has taken the lead in the u.s. with nintendo's wii a competitive third. another challenger has been consumers increasingly downloading games on their smartphones and tablets instead of buying the consul. we have the xbox at home. sophie came would -- sophia would rather play angry birds on my phone than the consul. >>> consul. >> what do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> big warnings coming out about sequestration. we're less than two weeks away. we're talking about things people can do themselves to fire back at congress. >> thanks, jess. >>> this morning the search isn't over at the site of a massive explosion. >> coming up, we're going to have more on a blast that leveled a kansas city restaurant. that's after the break. >> ahead in sports, new reports are clearing the nationals pitcher recently linked to >>> w
a point. >>> same-sex partners of u.s. military service members will soon have access to the same benefits offered to their heterosexual partners. defense secretary leon panetta signed off on this memo yesterday and part of it it says, as a matter of fundamental equity that we provide similar benefits to all of those men and women in uniform who serve their country. panetta says the changes should happen in the next few months. >>> the home of the whopper is about to become the home of the latte and nine other premium coffee beverages. our partners at "u.s.a. today" report that today burger king will announce plans to upgrade their coffee offerings in a really big way. the company plans to double the number of coffee beverages that it sells to ten in a partnership with seattle's best coffee. soft drinks, coffee sales, very, very profitable. >> yes, low overhead and people think well, it's a little stronger, i can pay more for it. >> we all love our coffee. >> i'm not going to ark with you there. >> he couldn't function without it. what do you have in the next 30 minutes? >> we have the sta
' inability to reach a deal which he says will severely impact the u.s. military not to mention possibly furloughing tens of thousands. yesterday panetta even let the "b" word slip out. >> we can't just sit here and -- we can't just sit here and complain. we can't just sit here and blame others. we can't just sit here and point fingers at each other. we can't just sit here and try to get sound bites. we can't just sit here and try to make points, political points. >> the man nominated to be the next treasury secretary is urging congress to avoid sequestration as well. jack lew took a stand during confirmation hearings yesterday. in the senate president obama's former chief of staff says the $58 billion in cuts that could be -- $85 billion in cuts that could be coming would impose self-inflicted wounds to the economy and put too many jobs at risk. he's expected to win senate confirmation later this month. it's amazing that so many politicians, so many top agency bosses are out there saying don't do this. congress is out there saying we don't want to do this and yet we're about to do it. >
as well. back to the maps. this time over to frederick where there's an accident out here. u.s. 340 near route 15 at lander road. apparently it is a very serious accident. a truck and a car involved. we're told it could be there for a while. so keep that in mind if you're all the way up in frederick, 270 no issues from i-70 and down toward the point where the lanes divide. we'll go one more time live outside and the beltway in silver spring nice and quiet. andrea and mike? >> thank you very much. >>> when they reached mobile, they saw the sign "sweet home alabama" it meant finally the ordeal was over. >> over a thousand cruise members were on the cruise ship. you think it's going to be great on a ship except when the toilets stop working and food runs out. man are they happy to see land, delia. >> reporter: one young girl kissed the ground when she arrived. what struck me is that despite the horrendous experience, they all went through, folks were in a good mootd and -- in good moods and happy to be home. the cruise ship pulled into dock last night after leaving texas a week ago but more
&p 500 was down by 17. the u.s. government plans to file a civil lawsuit against the ratings agency standard and poors. this goes back to the 2008 financial crisis. is accuses s&p giving high ratings to risky mortgage bonds that led to the crisis over four years ago n. would mark the federal government's first legal action against a major ratings agency over the mortgage debacle. s&p denies any wrongdoing and says this lawsuit is without merit. >>> when is the last time you bought a dell computer? that's one of the problems michael dell is wrestling with and part of the reason why he's close to finishing a risky $23 billion deal to take his company private. "the wall street journal" says dell was in talks last night with microsoft and private equity firms to fund a deal. it would give shareholders about 25% more than the stock is worth right now. dell is trying to remake itself in an era when the pc is no longer king. >> does dell have -- maybe they do and i've never heard of it, do they have a tablet? i've never seen one. >> they have multiple platform technologies but it is a pc-
actors star in standup guys. al pacino plays a man who has just gotten out of prison. the "u.s.a. today" reviewer renamed this butch cassidy and the sun dance grandpa. >> who's not aging in that group? >> all of them. >> that's hysterical. sylvester stallone has been an action figure forever. his face is only ten years old. >> he does look pretty good. >> thanks, monika. >>> many people have no interest in watching the super bowl. instead they tune in for the commercials. >> we talked with one of the experts who tracked which ads score and which alds get sacked. -- ads get sacked. >>> let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. >>> welcome back. snow causing a bunch of school delays. berkley, grant, hampshire, jefferson, mineral and more began. in maryland allegany, garrett and washington. in virginia, frederick, shenandoah and warren on two- hour delays thanks to early snow. we'll pick up an inch or so in spots. winds will pick up out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles an hour. sun is not up till 7:14. the traffic camera on 270 by clarksburg in upper montgomery county picking up a ba
parent and u.s. airways are hashing out the final details. this deal would be executed as a reorganization that takes american out of chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. >>> doctors making house calls has taken on a whole new meaning. hundreds of thousands of people are connecting with doctors online actually talking to real physicians. you can connect with one at me- - or md.me. a doctor will speak with you and some insurance companies actually cover it but the visits are only recommended for minor problems. if you have the flu and need tamiflu, do not do this. >> if you need medication, you need to go to an actual doctor's office and see an actual doctor in person. but this is a good thing if you're concerned about something. let's say a kid hits their head and you're worried about a possible concussion, your baby falls off the bed. this may be an option for you. >> much rather sit in a virtual waiting room. >> what do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> tax time right around the corner. a couple things you can do this weekend if you want to procrastinate a little
it today with low pressure moving in toward us. arctic air really not to be found anywhere close to the u.s. right now. that's one of the problems, snow lovers, that we don't have an abundance of cold air to work with. we have marginal cold air. with elevations to the west, as this upper storm approaches, we are going to see it produce some snow but at the lower elevations it's too warm. so i'm calling today's low rain and snow. you notice a tornado watch in areas of southeastern georgia in the warm environment from the storm system coming in our direction. let me show you the futurecast. the clouds will be thickening up this morning. by lunch time some snow in the west virginia mountains, straddling the virginia boarder west of i-81, west of charlottesville. we'll have showers off to the south overspreading the region during the early afternoon. they'll pick up in intensity and coverage here late afternoon, early evening. so this is why the commute home doesn't look so good. and i-81 west, we're looking at potential for a little bit of snow falling during the day and the evening hours. by
armstrong has decided against doing a full disclosure interview under oath with the u.s. antidoping agency. if he had agreed, the agency could have reduced the disgraced cyclist's lifetime competition ban to eight years. armstrong's attorney says his client may cooperate with the yet to be formed independent tribunals. >>> a major winter storm is moving across the midwest. winter storm warnings covering nearly all of nebraska, kansas and missouri. in kansas where a foot of snow is expected, the governor has closed the state government. however, the snow is a good thing considering this region has been in the midst of an extremely severe drought. mike? >>> so many of us parents especially are heart sick over this week's murders in prince george's county at a local high school. another high school tragedy we all remember it back in 1999, the shooting at columbine in littleton, colorado. that led to the formation of something called rachel's challenge. us with is peter, a presenter for rachel's challenge and this talks about trying to reach out to the community when something awful like this
the smart phone of the future but you can hold it. check this out. this is a u.s. company based in taiwan showing off a prototype for a transparent cell phone. it's made of conductive glass. the mobile device is scratch and shatter resistant. slightly bigger than an iphone 5. it can also be touch activated on one side and can display images on the front and the back. how cool is that? >> why -- why do you want it? >> because it's cool. >> okay. >> see through phone is scheduled to be available at the end of the yore. no word on how much it costs yet. i will have one please. >> i want to see how bright it is because if you have sunlight as the backdrop imagine how bad people are going with their texting now. >> where's my phone? i put it down here. >> exactly. >> you have to dial it and then maybe it lights up around the corner. >> you don't have your glasses on too. little edges. >> i can't find one in my purse now. where is it? >> people lab inning up for it -- will be lining up for it. >>> do you have plans for sunday night? >> tens of millions of americans are going to be watching to s
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